Payment Process

MyAARPMedicare Login portal is extremely easy for the users to register at and make sure that the users are able to avail of the offered services.

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MyAARPMedicare Payment Process

Contact your bank or visit the official website to set up this service. Make sure your payment is set up correctly so that your bill is paid on time.

Provide the bank with the following details:

  • You can find the 11-digit Medicare number on your health card or bill. It includes letters and numbers without hyphens, spaces, or special characters.
  • Check this carefully as the letters may look like numbers. (The letters B, I, L, O, S, and Z are not used in Medicare numbers.)

Beneficiary Name: CMS Medicare Insurance

Beneficiary Address:

Medicare premium collection point

PO BOX 790355

Saint-Louis, MO 63179-0355

You must acquaint the bank how much you need to withdraw from your account to receive your reward. It is your responsibility to change the payment amount as soon as your premium rate in MyAARPMedicare changes.

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Open your MyAARPMedicare account just by following a set of simple steps. All the account information is on the page. You can also find information about your insurance on the official website. Here you will find important information about some of the major MyAARPMedicare plans along with the Medicare plans.

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Open your MyAARPMedicare account by following a set of extremely simple steps. All details regarding opening an account can be found on the main page. You can also find information about your insurance on the official website.